Thinfinity.VirtualUI is a Javascript pseudo-class that offers a single-line-of-code user interface remoting solution for self-developed applications, making it possible to deliver them as dual-platform Windows/HTML5 apps.

Regarding its full web integration capabilities, Thinfinity VirtualUI takes advantage of the newly developed Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO) framework to facilitate two-way data integration between the application and the browser.

It empowers developers who are confronted with a need for deep modernization of existing Windows-based apps with a dual-approach tool: instant GUI remoting and full web integration.


Thinfinity.JsRO is a Javascript pseudo-class for GUI remoting and full web integration. It allows you to create remotable objects, and their properties, methods and events are mirrored to the web as native javascript objects. There must be a unique HOST to communicate with, and there can be more than one REMOTE for the same HOST. The HOST will keep all REMOTES synchronized, even when a REMOTE changes a value locally the other REMOTES will receive a notification.