Accessing local files


With the purpose of providing secure urls to files that are not located in the application's web tree, we included two methods:


VirtualUI.HTMLDoc.CreateSessionURL(URL, LocalPath)

This method allows you to create a virtual URL valid during the session's lifetime.


The "URL" parameter is the virtual URL to access the Filename or Directory specified in LocalPath.
"LocalPath" can be a file name or a directory. If it is a file name, the URL parameter resolves to that filename; if it is a directory, the URL parameter is a virtual path that can be used to access any file under this local directory.


URL = VirtualUI.HTMLDoc.GetUniqueURL(Filename, lifetime)

This method allows you to create a unique virtual URL for a specific file, valid during the time specified in minutes in the Lifetime parameter.


The "Filename" parameter points to the local filename we want to create an unique URL for.
"Lifetime" is the time during which the returned URL will be valid.