HostFields (Read Only)

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HostFields is a collection that contains all the fields in the current screen.




[string =] Display.HostFields(index|name)




Fields in HostFields collection can be accessed either by index or name. The name is constructed using its screen coordinates as follows: R[row]C[column]. For example, the field at row 4 column 30 in the screen can be referenced as "R4C30".


z/Scope automatically assigns screen fields' names based on the labels that identify them in the screen layout. In this way, in most cases, you can also reference a field in the screen using its label (for example "UserID"). Keep in mind that no blank spaces or characters outside the A-Z range are allowed for label references. For example, if a field in the screen is labeled "NEXT COMMAND:", it will be referenced as "NEXTCOMMAND".


If an invalid index value or field name is specified, a Null value will be returned.



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