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In the 'Options' tab you will find the following parameters:



Terminal Emulation z/Scope VT unix VT Telnet Options Modes Local Echo Auto Repeat Break Enabled Receive Replacements CR LS Backspace Cursor Keypad LineMode





Local Echo

Check this option to allow local echoing of the characters when the server does not return echoes.


Auto repeat

Check this option to enable the auto repeat feature for the keyboard.


Break enabled

Check this option to be able to use the break command.



Receive Replacements


CR/LF is

Select the desired behaviour for the 'Carriage Return' (CR) and 'Line Feed' (LF) commands.        



Send Replacements


Enter/Backspace sends

Select the desired behaviour for the 'Enter' and 'Backspace' keys.


Cursor/Keypad keys

Specify how the cursor and keypad keys are interpreted.



Line Mode



Indicate when LineMode will be activated from the options available in the combobox.