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In the 'Preferences' tab you will find the following parameters:



Terminal Emulation z/Scope TN3270 IBM Mainframe AS400 TN5250 Preferences Macro Navigator Automatically Screen Style Scripting Reconnect Auto-Suggestion Delay



Start Macro/Navigator

Select a Macro or a Navigator to start automatically when connecting.


Automatically Start [n] Connections

Allows you to specify the number of sessions of this connection that will be automatically established upon z/Scope start.


Screen Style

Allows you to select a default Screen Style for this connection.


Scripting Directory

Specify the folder on your local computer where script files will be stored.


Disable Auto-Suggestion

Check this option to have the Auto-Suggestion feature disabled by default for this connection.


Auto Reconnect

Check this option if you would like to automatically reconnect to the host after logging off.


Reconnection Delay

Specify in this field the amount of time (in seconds) that you would like the system to take before auto reconnecting to the host.