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OhioScreen encapsulates the host presentation space. The presentation space is a virtual screen which contains all the characters and attributes that would be seen on a traditional emulator screen. This virtual screen is the primary object for text-based interactions with the host. The OhioScreen provides methods that manipulate text, search the screen, send keystrokes to the host, and work with the cursor.


An OhioScreen object can be obtained from the Screen property of an instance of OhioSession.


The raw presentation space data is maintained in a series of planes which can be accessed by various methods within this class.


The text plane contains the actual characters in the presentation space. Most of the methods in OhioScreen class work exclusively with the text plane.


The remaining planes contain the corresponding attributes for each character in the text plane. The color plane contains color characteristics. The field plane contains the field attributes.


The extended plane contains the extended field attributes. The color, field, and extended planes are not interpreted by any of the methods in this class.



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