Registering z/Scope Trial Version

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If you downloaded z/Scope's Trial version from our web site or a distribution site and you have already purchased a license, you must follow these steps in order to register the product:


Stand-Alone Editions

Registering z/Scope Express, Classic or Workbench:


1. Go to the 'Help' menu, select the 'About' option and then press the 'Enter Key' button.

2. You will be presented with the 'Enter Key' dialog, in which you must type (you can just copy&paste) the registered User Name and Serial Number that you received when you acquired your license.



TN3270 TN5250 VT Terminal Emulation z/Scope Register Enter Key



3. If you enter the Key correctly, z/Scope will no longer be operating in trial mode: your copy of the product will be now fully registered. You can verify this by checking the 'About' dialog.




Remote Configuration Server

To register your z/Scope Web-to-Host and large deployments running the Remote Configuration Server go to:

Start / Programs / zScope / Remote Configuration, then select Options > Registration.

For more information about the RCS visit this online Help:




z/Scope SDK

To learn how to embed your License information within your application, visit this online Help: