WinHLLAPI Startup

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This function is used to register the application with the WinHLLAPI implementation and should be called before any other call to the WinHLLAPI implementation. This implementation supports Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the WinHLLAPI specification. The WinHLLAPI application should negotiate version compatibility with this function.




int WinHLLAPIStartup(WORD wVersionRequired, LPWHLLAPIDATA lpData)







This is the version required by the WinHLLAPI application. The low byte contains the major version number and the high byte contains the minor version (or revision) number.




This is a pointer to a WHLLAPIDATA structure which will receive the implementations version number and a string describing the WinHLLAPI implementation provider. The WHLLAPIDATA structure is defined as:



typedef  struct  tagWHLLAPIDATA


    WORD  wVersion;

    Char  szDescription[WHLLDESCRIPTION_LEN + 1];






The return value indicates success or failure of registering the WinHLLAPI application with the implementation. If registration was successful, the return value is WHLLOK (zero). Otherwise, it is one of the following:




Indicates that the underlying network subsystem is unavailable.




Indicates that the version requested is not provided by this implementation. This implementation supports Versions 1.0 and 1.1 only.