Identifying the Host Screen

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When creating a HostSurfer rule, the first step is identifying the screen the rule will be based on. For this purpose, a fixed text or pattern needs to be located within the selected string.

In our example, the screen to be identified is the one depicted in the following figure :





For the current example, the screen can be detected by matching the literal string "USERNAME" located at row 9 and column 55.

Therefore, a 'match' condition for the rule can be expressed as:


match : [{text : "USERNAME", row : 19, col : 55}]


For a any particular screen, there could be alternate ways to express the match condition, provided it is based on fixed fields or patterns. For example, the next one could be equally valid:


match : [{text : "PASSWORD", row : 20, col : 55}]


If a matching criterion cannot be satisfied by a single literal string, two or more strings and functions can be used together.