Appendix E - External Authentication

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z/Scope Anywhere incorporates a mechanism to validate users in a corporate environment so that the user will not need to validate itself every time he enters the application or connects to a host. These mechanism was designed to be used with the Server Installation mode.


Authenticating Against z/Scope Anywhere from External Applications:


Every time you call z/Scope Anywhere, you can send within its URL additional information regarding the authentication, inside a query string.

Find out how to build a query string in order to authenticate against z/Scope Anywhere Server as well as authenticate against the connection host.


Using External Data on Macros:


The Integrating a login macro section is a step-by-step example on how to send the host credentials from an external application, as well as creating and configuring a macro that automates the host login.


Encrypting the Query String:


Learn how to encrypt the information sent on the query string using a Diffie Hellman Key Exchange mechanism, provided by z/Scope Anywhere.



With the IIS demo application you can learn how to: 1) authenticate against z/Scope Anywhere Server, 2) Open a determined connection, 3) Send  the host credentials; and 4) Encrypt all the query string data with the Diffie Hellman Key Exchange method.



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