Entering Credentials

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z/Scope Anywhere allows you to enable one or more authentication methods at a time. There are two possible ways to ask for credentials:


Using the standard Web Browser authentication dialog
Showing a log-in page


The Standard Web Browser Authentication (aka Basic Authentication) is, in the context of an HTTP/HTTPS transaction, a method for the HTTP User Agent (the Web Browser) to provide end-user credentials when a request is started. The standard Web Browser authentication dialog is provided by each Web Browser and it looks like this:




This dialog is available when you use only one of the authentication access methods that require user and password.

You can also the z/Scope Anywhere login page, which will dynamically show all configured authentication methods in your z/Scope Anywhere Server. Every login option will be present only if the proper authentication method is configured.


For example, if only the 'Windows Logon' method is configured, the page will look like this:




If you enable other methods, your login will show them in this way:




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