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HostSurfer is a Javascript development framework that allows for terminal-based applications to be leveraged to the web, thus offering ubiquitous access to information systems that otherwise are platform-specific.


It offers developers a high-level abstraction layer that provides complete interaction between the web application and the terminal-based application.


The HostSurfer framework is built on top of hllapi.js for back-end communications, allowing seamless integration with popular Javascript frameworks (angular.js, react.js, etc.) or plain 'vanilla' Javascript. HostSurfer provides maximum flexibility to achieve solutions that reformulate the way terminal-based application systems can be accessed through a widespread variety of platforms and devices, while ensuring data synchronicity and integrity all along the way throughout the different application layers.



HostSurfer allows you to:


Update legacy terminal-based applications offering ubiquitous access through web technologies, with no impact on existing assets.


Develop complex macros to automate data entry, retrieval and exchange on terminal-based applications.


Implement web toolboxes or widgets to enhance interaction with the terminal-based application and integrate them with other platforms and environments.



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