Licensing Information

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When it comes to purchasing z/Scope Anywhere, there are different licensing modes. Our range of possibilities assures you that you can make the best deal.



Permanent Licenses:


The permanent licenses do not expire and have the first year Maintenance Service included.

We encourage users to renew the annual Maintenance Service contract in order to be eligible for technical support and product upgrades. The Maintenance Service fee after the first year will still be 20% of the updated price of the purchased product.



Annual Licenses:


The annual licenses are a good way of apportion the licenses investment value. It has a more affordable price than the permanent license and has the Maintenance Service always included.



Maintenance Services:


Includes Technical Support by e-mail and/or phone, which also gives access to free updates and upgrades during the covered period and our full commitment to timely fix bugs and problems.





In all cases Cybele Software offers volume pricing according to the amount of the purchase.


If you have any other question, contact us at Our sales representatives will gladly assist you with your licensing situation.



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