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z/Scope 6.2 is the newest version of the z/Scope terminal emulation product family for accessing IBM Mainframes, IBM AS/400 and Unix servers. It can be run under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows ME, Windows NT/2000 and Windows XP platforms, supporting TN3270E, TN5250E and VT100/220/320/420 terminal emulation protocols.


A fully integrated FTP client is also provided, with full awareness of AS/400 objects and z/OS datasets.


You can also browse web pages without leaving the z/Scope environment thanks to its integrated web browsing interface.


Remote Printing Services are can be included to make host print-jobs available to local and network printers by emulating IBM-3287-1 and IBM-3812-1 printers.


z/Scope offers all the necessary tools to access IBM Mainframes, As/400 and Unix.


Thanks to our product family variety there is an appropriate solution to suite all needs, so you can do your job easier and faster.




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