What's New

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What's new in version 6.2


New! Remote Desktop connectivity
New! VNC connectivity
New! DDE Support
New! Multiple Keyboard Profiles
New! Web Update



What's new since version 6.1


File Transfer Manager.
Improved FTP client.



What's new since version 6.0


Extended terminal emulation capabilities, fully VT100/220/320/420 compatible.
SSH 1 & 2.
Start page, with RSS aggregator, features links for configured connections.
Configure this multi-personality application through our innovational plugin system to adjust it to your daily needs.
Up to 4 emulations visible in the same screen using a tile system.
Create and organize your own Favorite list for web sites, feeds and connections.
Embellish your screens using our new z/Scope Font.
The user interface has been re-designed from ground into four different but at the same time fully integrated workspaces. In this way you can instantly switch between all your open Telnet or FTP sessions and web pages using tabs.