Printer Parameters Dialog

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The 'Printer Parameters' dialog has the following parameters:



TN3270 TN5250 VT Terminal Emulation z/Scope Telnet Workspace Printer Session Panel Paramters Dialog Orientation Margins Font




This list contains all available printers in your local computer. Use the 'Print Setup' button to the right of the 'Printer' field to open Windows' common dialog for configuring printing options.



Choose between portrait or landscape paper orientation.



In this fields you must specify the left, right, top and bottom margins in centimeters (1 inch = 2.54 cm).



This list contains all installed fonts. You can also set the font size and character set. The 'Font Preview' area shows how the selected font will look like according to the chosen parameters.



Set the number of lines and columns for the document, and the line spacing.