Building a Simple Example Application with AngularJS

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This topic is aimed at helping you to jump start developing HostSurfer web applications. The example shown in next topics make use of AngularJS to generate the web interface, and Brackets for editing and testing during the application development process.




To begin with, please setup the following development environment:


Create a folder for your application, i.e., 'myapp'.
Create a file named hsangular.js within 'myapp' folder, in case your application is based on AngularJS framework, like this example.
Create a sub-folder named 'rules' under 'myapp' folder. You can also create 'css' and 'images' sub-folders as needed.
Create a sub-folder named 'js' under 'myapp' folder, and copy to it the file named require.js.


Open Brackets and set the working folder to your application local folder.


Now you are ready to start developing your first HostSurfer application by following these steps:


Create your index.html file
Create a HostSurfer Rule
Create a HostSurfer Web Application Page
Running the example application
Changing the example application flow