Defining HostSurfer Applications

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The 'apps' Property


The 'apps' property is an array of JSON objects that contain the list of HostSurfer applications available to the user (inside z/Scope Anywhere Terminal Emulation window) when the screen matches with the identification criteria.

The following example shows an application definition which automatically runs when the screen is successfully identified:


    var _login = {

        id: 'LogIn',

        match: [{ text: 'CICS', row: 5, col: 1 }],

        apply: {

            apps: [


                    name: 'blue_card_1',

                    desc: 'Blue Card Std',

                    link: '/hs/std/index.html',

                    panel: {

                        width: 1024, height: 800,

                        features: {

                            maximized: false,

                            hasToolbar: true,

                            headerControls: {

                                minimize: 'remove'


                            resizable: true,

                            draggable: true



                    autostart: true