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A HostSurfer Application is web application that uses HostSurfer to interact and/or transform to HTML a group of host screens.


Hostsurfer Applications can be hosted under any standard web server like apache, node.js or IIS. When they are simple HTML pages, they may also run under z/Scope Anywhere web server.


Depending on how the application has been designed to run, it could be accessed:

pointing the web browser to a particular URL
clicking on a menu item inside z/Scope Anywhere Terminal Emulation toolbar.


In the last case, we need to tell z/Scope when a particular application is available to the user.


Each Terminal Emulation window inside z/Scope Anwyhere runs its own HostSurfer instance. By using the same screen rule scheme to identify screens, we can tell z/Scope what HostSurfer Applications will be available using applications using the "apps" property under "apply".


For enumeration of properties, please refer to apps property.


The following code snippet shows how HostSurfer Applications are declared.


  var _login = {

       id: "LogIn",

       match: [{ text: 'USERNAME :', row: 19, col: 55 }],

       apply: {

           apps: [


                   desc: "Blue Card Demo",

                   link: "/hs/demo/index.html",

                   panel: {

                       width: 1024, height: 800,

                       features: {

                           maximized: false,

                           hasToolbar: true,

                           headerControls: {

                               minimize: 'remove',


                           resizable: true,

                           draggable: true



                   autostart: true



                   desc: "Blue Card Demo 2",

                   link: "/hs/demo/index.html",

                   panel: {

                       width: 800, height: 600,

                       features: {

                           maximized: true,

                           hasToolbar: false,

                           resizable: false,

                           draggable: false



                   autostart: false







The example shows two applications defined for a screen identified by matching the text "USERNAME" at row 19 and column 55. If a screen complies the matching pattern, then such screen will have two applications available. None, one or more than one application can have the 'autostart' property set to true, in which case, for a given screen, all applications assigned to a screen with its 'autostart' property set to true, will be opened concurrently.

Please note that:

1. Registered applications are shown in the terminal emulation frame menu, under the icon.

2. There is no need to register an application if the terminal emulation is not to be used. This point will be explained in next topics.