Gateway Manager

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The Gateway Manager is a tool to configure gateway options.


Install z/Scope Anywhere and look for the z/Scope Anywhere Gateway' shortcut in the Start Menu.





Its main menu has two sub-menus:


File Menu




Click to save any change.


Close Save        

Click on this option to exit the z/Scope Anywhere Gateway manager.



Help Menu



About z/Scope Anywhere Gateway...

Click on the 'About...' option to see the application version and build number.


General Tab Options

Bind to IP

Use this option to restrict access to the service through one specific IP. The "All unassigned" option allows access through all the possible IPs for the computer where z/Scope Anywhere is installed.



Choose between the http and https protocol. The https protocol uses SSL. Hence, it's more secure.


Press this button to configure HTTP error responses


Press this button to access the options for replacing the default installed certificate with your own. Read more about this subject on the topic Managing the SSL Certificate.



Choose the port number for this computer to be accessed.


Network ID

The network ID identifies this installation. This Network ID must be matched by all the servers and gateways participating in the load balancing scheme.

Press this button to see and/or change the Network ID. The default value is a random string but you can change it to something more descriptive.



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