Proxy Activation

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Proxy Activation is an activation option only for those cases when you want to activate Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server in a machine that access internet through a proxy

If you haven't tried a regular activation, follow these instructions: Licensing.
If you are trying to activate on a machine that has no internet connection or internet connections restrictions not caused by a proxy, follow these instructions: Manual Activation.


Otherwise, keep reading:


To access Proxy Activation, right click on the main area of the License Manager with the 'Activation' radio button option selected in the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Manager:


Choose the 'Proxy activation' option. You will see the following popup:



Use Proxy

Check this field to enable the Proxy activation

IP Address

Fill in your Proxy's IP address


Fill in your Proxy's port


Fill in your Proxy's username


Fill in your Proxy's password


When you are done with the proxy configuration, Activate your license.



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