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z/Scope Anywhere is a Web-to-Host Terminal Emulator for accessing to IBM Mainframes, AS/400 and Unix systems. It is an HTML5 based product that allows users to access their Hosts Emulation from any browser or device.




   Browser-based Terminal Emulator client
   Cross-browser, cross-operating system and cross-device
   Multiple protocols: TN3270E, TN5250E and VT100/VT220/VT320/VT420/SSH1/SSH2 Telnet Servers
   Multi-session support: run several sessions on the same client instance
   File Transfer: exchange files between the mainframe and the web client
   Touch and virtual keyboard enabled
   No client installations (Pure HTML/Javascript client)
   SSL encrypted communication
   Secure SSL encrypted communication
   Admin Control Panel
   Load Balancing for a better performance on large deployments.
   Real-time Statistics


What's new:


Printer terminal support:

  Integrated printer emulation: printing terminals support implemented. Send print jobs to your browser-side printer, or download them to a file. TN3287 and TN3812 support.
   Easier access to printing job files: printing queue, print preview, and more.

Updated and flexible authentication scheme:

   Provide anonymous access to connections, avoiding the login process.
   Combine authenticated and anonymous access connections for logged in users.

New integration possibilities:

   Direct access to the emulation screen through a dedicated virtual path per connection. Facilitate integration by allowing the user to bypass the landing page.
   HLLAPI.js: new HLLAPI javascript interface to provide programmatic access from external applications to z/Scope.
   One Time URL (OTURL): create a temporary, unique URL to provide one time access to a specific connection. This URL expires as soon as it’s used or after a specific period of time.
   Secure access to core company data: multiple authentication options and simplified Single Sing-On. Enable access for end-users via one or more of these authentication methods: Logon, OAuth/2 (Google, Facebook, etc), RADIUS or customize the authentication process using a DLL.

New and enhanced user interface:

   New navigation and user interface. Classic, Coverflow, Gallery and Grid modes available.
   Open new connections on different tabs or manage them within the z/Scope environment.
   Create Display, Printer or Display and Printer connections.
   Autosuggestion: This useful and time-saving feature consists in contextual menus that are displayed when typing into input fields. These contextual menus contain a list of the recently typed phrases that match the user's initial keystrokes.


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