Enabling SSL

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When connecting to a host that supports SSL, in order to take advantage of this technology you must activate the SSL option in the web Settings Host tab (Unix/VT Host tab or Mainframe or AS/400 Host tab). To achieve this, follow these steps:


Web-based HTML5 TN3270 TN5250 VT100 Terminal Emulation Security and Encryption Settings Host SSl



1. Go to the Start Page and click on the Settings button.


2. Select the connection in the 'Choose your profile' field .

3. Click on the 'Host' tab.


4. Check the 'SSL' check option. The SSL tab will be enabled.


5. Customize the SSL settings on the SSL tab, if necessary:

a. IBM Mainframe or AS/400 SSL Settings

b. Unix/VT SSL Settings


6. Apply the changes.



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