What's new in 5.0

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Now Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server includes many new options and features that enhance the user experience:



New in 5.0 :


Added support for VNC / RFB connections.
Added support for Telnet / SSH connections.
Integrated protection measures for DOS attacks.
Multiple port listening for both HTTP and HTTPS redirection.



And all the features from previous versions :


40% faster than previous version.
Support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™, enabling fast, enhanced visual experience of the Windows desktop. Read more.
Create shortcuts to any configured connection using Virtual Paths. Read more.
Record your remote desktop sessions and play them within the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server web interface. Read more.
Multi-touch input redirection. Send the input of up to ten simultaneous fingers to be interpreted in the remote OS. Read more.
Load Balancing for a better performance on large deployments. Read more.
RADIUS authentication. Integrate the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server authentication with the RADIUS system. Read  more.
Populate Microsoft RD Web Access remote apps and desktops. Read more.
Customize the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server user access to toolbar buttons. Read more.
Use MS-SQL as the default backend database for storing the Analytics data. Read more.
OAuth/2 now configurable with any server that supports this functionality. Read more.
Support for OpenID Connect protocol.
Support for DUO 2FA.
Support for ForgeRock OAuth.
User-based Access Profiles.
User-based Credentials Management.


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