Thinfinity® VirtualUI™ is a software solution that enables developers to add user interface web remoting to their Windows applications. Typically, by adding one line of code to the application's project, you can transform your Windows Application into a cross-platform one, enabling it to run as usual on Windows or as a Web application when installed under a Thinfinity VirtualUI Server environment.


Why Thinfinity VirtualUI?


1.It enables you to effortlessly create dual-platform Windows/HTML5 Apps.
2.It expands applications availability by delivering them instantly to users anywhere on any device.


3.It dramatically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), by slashing IT costs and simplifying administration avoiding costly virtualization/remoting solutions such as Citrix XenApp® or Microsoft® RemoteApp.  



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Getting Started

Installing Thinfinity VirtualUI

Compiling the Application

Registering the Application

Accessing the App from the Web

Thinfinity VirtualUI Server Manager

Managing the SSL Certificate


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